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Linda Eggleston-Nowakowski

Council Member

Linda Nowakowski

Elected: 11-05-2019
Term: 01-01-2020 – 12/31/2023
Term Length: 4 Years

I grew up in New Carlisle. I graduated THS in 1965 and Wright State in 1970. I went on to The University of Michigan and The University of Wisconsin getting an MS in Chemical Education. I married in 1973 and have one son who lives in Pittsburgh. I separated in 1998 and took a job teaching English to pre-kindergarten children in Bangkok, Thailand.

I came back to New Carlisle in 2000 to take care of my mother who died in 2001. In 2002 I returned to Thailand as the international account managed for a Thai company and tutor to the children I had taught English who were all now in International schools.  When Thai work visa rules changed I was offered a Faculty Position at Ubon Ratchathani University in rural northeastern Thailand. I was teaching English to Thai students studying Business to take advantage of new trade routes between Laos, Cambodia, and Vietnam.  It was there that I was introduced to the King of Thailand’s Sufficiency Economy Philosophy and the Asoke Buddhist Community. The Philosophy advocates simple living in community as opposed to the western concept of accumulating wealth that results in the destruction of community.

I eventually organized an International Symposium on the Sufficiency Economy Philosophy with every continent and some 40 countries represented.  Following that I entered the PhD Program. My Thesis was entitled “A US Awakening to Community Business: Business as if People and Place Matter.” Doing case studies on 7 community businesses in Denver, Colorado all associated with BALLE – Business Alliance for Local Living Economies.

This changed how I look at the world and how I live. I ran for Council to try to have an impact on the encouragement and development of local business and rebuilding community in New Carlisle.